This is a new feature I’m doing, to help spread the word of up & coming authors who may, or may not, have a huge following.

Today I’m going to highlight an author whom I met recently (we met through GISH this summer). I’ve been reading her books (doing some editing, as well for her) and she is very good.

Katherine Christina Rochholz
“Katherine Rochholz lives in Waterloo, IA. She was once told by her father she could be anybody and do anything she wanted in this world. She has chosen to be her crazy self, and has chosen to write and hopes to go as far as the strange workings of her mind will take her.”

If you like paranormal stories or retelling of tales of old, she’s the one to read. Some of it is dark, but there’s also a lot of humor involved as well.

Katherine is an amazing woman. She works full time, writes as much as she can, plus she draws and bakes! She loves a lot of the fandoms we love: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Supernatural & so on.

Please check out her page below. You can read about her, her books & even contact her:

Katherine Christina Rochholz

If you would like an up & coming author to be featured, please send me a private message through the Facebook fan page.

Amy, SMM&S

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