Yesterday, an acquaintance on Twitter said she needed new fic. Now I didn’t know if she meant a book or fan fic but my SSM&S auto pilot kicked in and I sent her a response. what I didn’t expect (but am very grateful) was the response I got from someone else, who saw my response because I had tagged Jean (like a good minion). I did ask him if I could use his response for the website and he agreed.

So thank you Andrew for your kind words. Authors love to hear reviews, whether good or bad (note: the good ones keep them going, then bed ones make them work harder).

Happy Canada Day to our fans up north.
Happy Independence day in 3 days to our US fans.
Happy Monday/Tuesday to the rest of the world.


4 Replies to “We love book reviews

  1. Especially, when the author reads the book reviews it makes happy to her/him and somebody gives the negative review the author need to correct their mistakes which they had done in the book. I will share this blog on my platform.

  2. I need to reread this this series. It was so good and it’s been years since I borrowed them from a mutual friend (Jennifer Chaffee). I’ve been meaning to buy the whole set for myself, so will be doing that soon. As Andrew Barton mentioned in his review, the series would still stand alone without the romance/sex aspect. It’s just plain good story telling!
    So please, don’t stop writing!

    1. Diann,
      Sorry for the delay in replying! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’ll make sure Jean see the post.
      We love Jennifer (truly!) and we’re grateful that she shares Jean’s books.
      Amy, SMM&S

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