Jean is still in the final week of her move (it’s going better). We had to make a necessary change to the blog comments due to a heavy amount of spam posts, so please forgive the “I’m not a bot” addition. Thank you for your patience.

Amy, SMM&M

PS July 27th kicks off GISH week (greatest International Scavenger Hunt). If I put a call out for retweets, poll voting etc for some odd things, please help me out!

2 Replies to “Quick Update

  1. Please think about turning the Son’s of Destiny into a audio series. It would be great with a few vocalists and sound effects( like an old fashion radio show). M K Eidem has a few series that are wonderfully done that way. Thanks for reading this message

    1. Laura,
      Sorry for the slow reply. For some reason, I’m not getting notices for comments.

      We are considering an audio format for the book, for certain. A radio show style format would be awesome as well (good suggestion). These things do cost money for studio time, voice actors, editing and production. I’ll add it to this list of things we want to do.


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