Hi everyone, Amy here!

My birthday is next week (Thank you) and I thought I’d share a little about one of my favorite authors. It’s actually a web comic called “Yet Another fantasy Gamer Comic” by Rich Morris.

The artwork, a lot of times, is pencil rough (especially at the beginning), almost storyboard in it’s presentation. If you are a perfectionist or OCD about clean lines, this is probably not the comic for you.

Rich has a huge cast of main characters, sub-characters and NPC’s that somehow end up being recurring sub-characters. All with their own personalities, stories and fans. Since May 2006 he has been delighting fans from all over.

One of things his fans debate on (myself included) is how much of his “monsters” are based on one type of gaming system or another. A most recent conversation was about beholders and their powers, whether or not Rich ascribed to the D & D monster manuals or another source (he kind of pulls randomly from various sources, so you can’t expect a definititve answer).

The main reason I like his comic is you can relate with his characters. It’s easy to find yourself loving some, hating others then being in a love/hate thing with the rest. Some of his stories are light, others dark, but mostly it’s in between.

There is nudity and adult situations, so it’s not something to read with children around (or your conservative mother). To give you a good over view of what the comic is about click here.

Please go check it out and I hope some of you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Take care!


PS Here is a sample of Rich’s humor and art, featuring my all-time favorite character, Cap’n Fang (he’s a Kobold).


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  1. I read this one ALL THE TIME! It’s really well written given the subject matter and the humour is perfect. By the way, happy birthday.

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