Grace Lynn Cartwright is special. She just doesn’t know it until she’s attacked by a lone, crazed wolf while out for her morning jog. She’s rescued by the local werewolf pack and finds her life turned upside down and changing faster than she’s healing from her wounds – which is pretty fast.

A Place to Run is a captivating book all around. I can be very particular about fantasy genre books involving werewolves and vampires. It hit every one of the good buttons and not the “what the heck was the author thinking?” territory that some authors predictably stray toward.

Becca Lynn has a way of telling a story that had me in the first few pages of the prologue. She kept me interested as she went into Lynn’s story, the various members of the pack and her very unique (and fictionally plausible) take on how vampires and werewolves were created. My curiosity for the characters held as she brought well timed humor into her story from describing a simple game of ball to why four books are backwards on her bookshelf (and I think she’s a mind reader, but I have the same four books exactly that way and Lynn’s reason is exactly my reason).  There’s a lot of growth with Lynn in the first book as she learns her new abilities and comes to accept them. And she does struggle with her emotions and her former human side each step of the way.  Not to mention the fact that, some of her newfound abilities can (and eventually will) grab the attention of both the military and the Catholic church, bringing more chaos in the future.

I truly recommend this book and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.




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