Book Review

My friend Paul is working on his second or third year of doing the PopSugar reading challenge. He reviewed An Officer’s Duty recently & gaveRead More

Happy Birthday, Jean!

On this day, many moons ago, my little sister was born. She’s the shorter one in the picture. Oh those matching outfits that were popularRead More

Stephanie Weippert

Today we’re throw the spotlight on Stephanie Weippert, a talented author in the Puget Sound area. A self-proclaimed “turtle writer”, she likes to visualize whatRead More


Our thoughts & prayers go out to the Lee family as well as the comics community & fandom. Thank you, sir.

Just a thought…

If you follow Jean on social media, you know that she’s an avid advocate for people to get out and vote. Yes, this is primarilyRead More

From the SMM&S

Hi everybody! We’re still tweaking things behind the scenes but it’s getting done. Feel free to look around & see how everything looks so far.Read More

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