Gods of the Flame Sea (Book 3)

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Twenty years have passed since the Fae Rii were cut off from their home. The Efrijt are free to come and go, but the Fae are confined to this world. Living among the humans of the Flame Sea desert, they wait for any word from their people. But time is running out.

Now, it will be up to young Udrin—a Fae Efrijt halfbreed—to decide which faction will control this world.

To secure his favor, and with it the right to plunder the resources of this realm, the Efrijt have given him every indulgence he could desire. The Fae have tried to teach him restraint, compassion, and self-control. But Udrin has plans of his own, recklessly gathering the power needed to control the world of the Flame Sea, intending to remake it into his own personal playground…and its beings his playthings…

Excerpt of Gods of the Flame Sea

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