Guardians of Destiny

The Guardians of Destiny… Eight men and women, eight books exploring the finding and keeping of their destined loves

But, bound by ties of power and responsibility, the Guardians find themselves plagued by visions of an encroaching evil, and guided only by vague warnings found in centuries-old prophecies. Can they and their allies figure out what is happening and stop it before the ambitions of a few ruthless people destroy all that is good and dear in their world?

Song of the Guardians of Destiny

When serpent crept into their hall:
Danger waits for all who board,
Trying to steal that hidden tone.
Painted Lady saves the lord;
Tower’s master’s not alone.

Calm the magics caught in thrall:
Put your faith in strangers’ pleas,
Keeper, Witch, and treasure trove;
Ride the wave to calm the trees,
Servant saves the sacred Grove.

Cult’s awareness, it shall rise:
Hidden people, gather now;
Fight the demons, fight your doubt.
Gearman’s strength shall then endow,
When Guild’s defender casts them out.

Synod gathers, tell them lies:
Efforts gathered in your pride
Lost beneath the granite face.
Painted Lord, stand by her side;
Repentance is the Temple’s grace.

Brave the dangers once again:
Quarrels lost to time’s own pace
Set aside in danger’s face.
Save your state; go make your choice
When Dragon bows unto the Voice.

Sybaritic good shall reign:
Island city, all alone
Set your leader on his throne
Virtue’s knowledge gives the most,
Aiding sanctions by the Host.

Faith shall now be mended whole:
Soothing songs kept beasts at bay
But sorrow’s song led King astray.
Demon’s songs shall bring out worse
Until the Harper ends your curse.

Save the world is Guardians’ goal:
Groom’s mistake and bride’s setback
Aids the foe in its attack.
Save the day is Jinx’s task,
Hidden in the royal Masque.

“Song of the Guardians of Destiny”
~Seer Haupanea

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