How to Date a Superhero Excerpt

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“Man, that was a great movie! Thank you again for inviting me this afternoon.” Silver-gloved hands cut sharply throught the air, wielded by blue-clad arms. “I didn’t think an Ascendant could’ve survived that big an explosion at the end, let alone a normal citizen, but the way he did it …brilliant! Movie magic at its finest.”

Red-and-silver limbs wrapped around the nearest blue arm, hanging – literally – on his every word. A femaile voice cooed, “Oh, I don’t know; I think you’d have come out of it without a scratch.”

The man’s tanned mouth curved up in a wry smile below his blue-and-silver mask. “I may be a working Ascendant, a living, breathing superhero…but I’m no stunt-double. Those guys are tough. Besides, even if I did survive, the conflagration would’ve burned up my costume. I wouldn’t be able to show my face afterwards, for fear of being recognized!”

“Believe me, if your costume burned off…who said we’d be loing at your face?” Laughter accompanied her words, as did the hint of a blush. Across the table, a body in orange-and-silver snorted with amusement, while the others around the briefing table smiled.

Carrie tried not to be sullen, but it was very difficult. She crossed her spandex-covered arms more tightly across her violet-and-silver chest. The only good thing about the rest of her night was that she wouldn’t have to see the two lovebirds seated to her left interacting any more.

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