The Cat (Book 5)

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Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day—they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems. For the fifthborn son, it is getting his Destined bride to trust him…

Amara of the Shifterai has good reason to be wary of mages, when mages were responsible for chasing her and her sister out of their homeland. Being on the run for so long hasn’t put her in a trusting mood, yet there is something about Trevan of Nightfall—mage or not—that Amara finds difficult to resist. But can he be trusted with her most fiercely guarded secret?

Courting such a pretty yet prickly outlander won’t be easy, but Trevan is determined to try. She may be fierce, proud, and from a different culture, but he is the Cat, and none but the most fascinating and challenging of women could satisfy him. Of course, it would help if she stood still long enough for him to court her properly…

“…You’re not at all how I pictured my Destined bride would be.”

Name: Trevan of Corvis
Age: 25
Height: 5’11.5″ (181.5cm)
Weight: 181 lbs (82.2kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Sun-Streaked Copper, Chest-Length
Build: Fit
Lineage: Fifth-born of Lord Saveno, Count of Corvis, and Lady Annia, Countess of Corvis (formerly of Traxon), stripped of birthright at age 22 upon proclamation of exile by the King of Katan and his Council of Mages.
Twin: Rydan, younger
Speciality: If you asked his brothers, they’d say his specialities are seducing women, woodcarving, and inventing new Artifacts. If you asked Trevan, he’d put inventing new Artifacts first, since there aren’t any women around at the moment to seduce! Other abilities include hunting and shapeshifting…and unlike his bigger brother, Wolfer, Trevan isn’t afraid of heights. His two favorite forms are a ginger cat and a golden hawk.
Personality: All that unused energy has to go somewhere, leaving the fifth-born brother a bit restless at times, but he’s often willing to lend a helping hand. Compared to his twin, Trev is outgoing and sociable, but other than his unabated interest in women, his brothers often don’t know what’s really going on in his head. Trevan has known a number of women in his pre-exile days, but though he enjoyed his time with all of them, none of them managed to hold him for long–as much as he takes pride in his skills as an accomplished lover, Trev considers himself a romantic as well, searching for the one woman who can satisfy him on the inside as well as on the outside.

“I’m still not sure why you want to court me, let alone talk to me. I haven’t exactly been enjoyable company.”

Name: Amara Fen Ziel
Age: 20
Height: 5′ 8.5″ (174km)
Weight: 145 lbs (66kg)
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Black, straight, waist-length
Build: Fit
Lineage: Daughter of Fennon and Ziella of Family Whitetail, Clan Deer, of the Shifting Plains, twin sister to Arora Fen Ziel.
Twin: Arora, younger
Speciality: Shapeshifting. The Shifterai are natural shapeshifters, though the vast majority of shifters are male. Only rarely are females born with this ability, and are accorded special status among the Shifterai.
Personality: Proud, protective, and strong-willed. Amara and her sister were forced to flee their homeland a year ago because of circumstances beyond their control, and have been fleeing from mages ever since. During that year, she has gained plenty of reasons to be wary of strangers, particularly mages…and ample reason to be resentful of being exiled from her home and her original destiny. But for those she loves, she will defend them with all the fierceness of the beasts she can become.

Excerpt of The Cat

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