The Mage (Book 8)

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Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day–they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy.  Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems.  The worst of those troubles now falls upon the last of the Sons of Destiny.

Hope, Morganen’s foretold bride, has finally arrived on the island.  She hasn’t been telling the full truth about herself, and the consequences will stretch further than even she anticipates.  Just as Morg gets used to Hope’s revelation, new enemies arrive on the Isle, seeking to steal away the brothers’ chances at creating a new nation.  During the attack, an old foe resurfaces and strikes amid the confusion, kidnapping the final bride-to-be.

Either Morg will rescue Hope and help his faimly complete the Prophecies of the Seer Draganna and the last Duchess of Nightfall, carving a new kingdom in the process…or their enemies will be free to slaughter them all…

“Will you grant me the opportunity to court you fully in person, once you arrive?”

Name: Morganen of Corvis
Age: 23
Height: 5’10”  (177.5cm)
Weight: 164 lbs  (74.5kg)
Eyes: Aquamarine
Hair: Light Brown, Chest-Length
Build: Slender
Lineage: Eighth-born of Lord Saveno, Count of Corvis, and Lady Annia, Countess of Corvis (formerly of Traxon), stripped of birthright at age 20 upon proclamation of exile by the King of Katan and his Council of Mages.
Twin: Koranen, elder
Speciality: Meddling.  Morganen is the Mage, and has more than enough power to back it up.  He also has the Destiny of match-making his brothers, despite the many obstacles that may stand in their way, such as being exiled to an island without the pleasure and company of women.  He claims to be the most powerful mage in all of Katan, and the most powerful mage among his brothers; having seen some of his displayed abilities, Morg’s brothers are not inclined to challenge that statement. However, only Morg knows how powerful he truly is, and he is very content to keep things that way.
Personality: Cheerful, thoughtful, and at times remarkably subtle, even sneaky, Morganen professes his like for women and for companionship even as he manipulates his brother’s lives.  The up-side is that he uses his abilities to improve the quality of their lives.  By preference, he would rather help people than harm them.  The down-side…he has to wait until all of his brothers are wed before he can go claim a woman for his own.  Morg will do whatever it takes to ensure his brothers acquiesce happily to their fated futures.

“Home…Home! I’m finally going home!”

Name: Hope O’Neill
Age: 23
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 167 lbs (75.5kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, rib-length, wavy
Build: Curvy, slightly plump
Lineage: Orphaned and living on her own.
Speciality: Everything that deals with chocolate. Knowing things about people and situations without being directly told about them. How to sell jewelry, make medieval clothes, and survive major life disasters with a good attitude.
Personality: Cheerful, thoughtful, and full of life, Hope has a clear philosophy:  You can react one of two ways to every situation you encounter, either in a positive way, or in a negative way. Since the positive way is much less stressful and more likely to net positive responses from others in return, she tackles the problems in her life with a light heart, a generous spirit, and an ongoing willingness to look for the good things in life. She considers Morganen to be her best friend just as much as she does Kelly—only Morg comes with added benefits—and is truly looking forward to living out the rest of her life on the Isle of Nightfall with him, his brothers, and her future sisters-in-law…

Excerpt of The Mage

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