The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance – How to Date a Superhero

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Ascendant superheroine Foresight desperately wants to date her partner and fellow superhero, Steelhand, but he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s female, let alone interested in him. Ready to swap partners with one of their other teammates, Foresight is blindsided by a precognitive vision of the future. An incredibly passionate vision. The only problem is, even she can’t foresee how they’ll go from just being superhero partners to actually dating each other.

“When you refused to say what you had foreseen…I got a little suspicious!”

Codename: Steelhand
Costume: Blue and Silver
Ascendant Abilities: Steel Bio-Armor; Touch-Telepathy
Secret Identity: Rio Sanchez

“I didn’t tell the others what I’d foreseen because it was none of their damned business!”

Codename: Foresight
Costume: Purple and Silver
Ascendant Abilities: Precognition; Telekinesis
Secret Identity: Carrie Vinson

Excerpt of How to Date a Superhero

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