The Master (Book 3)

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Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to the Isle of Nightfall, where women are forbidden. But when the abducted third-born brother is taken by a powerful and beautiful mage, he wonders if she is his own Prophesied Disaster, his foretold wife-to-be.

Kidnapped from the Isle of Nightfall, taken captive by slavers, Dominor is sold to a lovely mage, who promises freedom.  But Lady Serina has plans for him; she needs another powerful mage to re-enact a mating ritual, to help reverse a Tantric spell cast centuries ago.  Agreeing to help her, Dominor doesn’t suspect the secret she holds back from him:  there is more to this magical mating than the Arithmancer has revealed.

Once the ritual is complete, he will be returned to Nightfall.  But when that secret finally shatters, baring the truth behind the misunderstandings now separating them, Dominor is determined to retake possession of the woman who is his Destiny.

“You make it sound as if this were something clinical and cold, like…like dissecting a dead toad for potion ingredients, not lovemaking in the heart of pure magic itself!”

Name: Dominor of Corvis
Age: 27
Height: 6′ (183cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (81.7kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown, Straight, Chest-Length
Build: Very Fit, Neither Muscular Nor Lean
Lineage: Third-born son of Count Saveno and Countess Annia of Corvis.  Stripped of his noble rank and exiled to Nightfall Isle at the age of 24.  He is the third-most powerful mage among his brothers, and–if one includes his siblings in the count—is probably the fifth most powerful mage in all of Katan.
Twin: Evanor, younger
Speciality: Custom Enchantments.  Having pushed the edges of his magical knowledge far and wide, this depth and breadth allows Dominor to synthesize disparate disciplines of magic into a unified whole.  Most mages either have affinities for particular kinds of magic, have only studied a few branches in any depth and thus are leery of interactions with unfamiliar kinds, or lack the level of power he possesses to weld spells and such together.  Most often, he enchants Artifacts custom-ordered from the mainland.
Personality: Dominor seeks challenge, for his life.  He cannot change the level of power he possesses, but he still prefers to compete against his brothers in areas both arcane and non-magical.  From spellwork to swordwork, he strives to prove his superiority…or at least to be the best at something in his life, in a family of too many extraordinary brothers.  Before being exiled, he had harbored ambitions to go into Katani politics, as the nation is a magocracy, a kingdom run by powerful mages—the most powerful of which can become their King or Queen.  He suspects that one of the reasons why he and his brothers were exiled was to prevent the Corvis brothers from gaining so much political power.  Dominor is also fastidious in nature, and a bit of a clothes-horse; even while stuck in exile, he prefers wearing fine clothes and presenting a well-groomed appearance at all times.  Because of this, he insisted on taking over the clothes-washing chore entirely once he and his brothers were exiled to Nightfall, rather than suffer what they might do to his woolens and velvets…or worse, the crime of washing dark clothes with light.

“Well, I’ll definitely need to sample your technique at least a dozen more times before I can make any sort of official judgment on the matter.”

Name: Serina Avadan
Age: 27
Height: 5’10 (177.8cm)
Weight: 138 lbs (62.6kg)
Eyes: Amber Gold
Hair: Pale Platinum Blond, Almost White
Build: Very Slender
Lineage: Serina is the firstborn daughter of the Inoma Ilaiea Avadan, the Singer and leader of the Moonlands. Serina has a younger sister, Kayla Avadan, who is their mother’s heir. Their father is Bronom Viluleia, a carpenter who married Ilaiea long enough to give her two daughters before they divorced. Since Serina was not born to be the heir to the Inoma of the Moonlands, and would have led a magicless life had she stayed in her homeland, she is determined to live a useful life elsewhere.
Speciality: Arithmancy and Mathemagics. Serina focuses primarily upon defining, quantifying, calculating, predicting, and altering the use of magic in her world. She holds a special interest for magics gone wrong, and for calculating and tracking small changes to magical applications such as spells, runes, potions and amulets, to predict what their most probable outcome may be. Because of her extensive travels, she has learned several different styles of magics over the years.
Personality: Faster than the typically-witted mage, able to leap to astounding conclusions in intuitive leaps and bounds…and focused to the point of absent-mindedness and miscommunication. She makes a good friend despite her hyper-focus on her work, and a good honorary aunt, though sometimes she has to be dragged away from her chalkboards. When she does focus on things other than her work, she’s often competent and people look to her as a leader, but she would rather focus on her life’s joy, her work in arithmancy, and let others handle the trivial matters in life. When not working, she often reads, looking through old tomes and scrolls for different ways of approaching magic to help further her goals.

Excerpt of The Master

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