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Happy Holidays!

Yes, Thanksgiving, Bodhi Day, Chanukah, Good Yule, Christmas, New Years--all of that, and more! Now is the time to start thinking about gifts. What kind of gifts? Tchotchke? No! White elephant? Never! Chocolates? ...Okay maybe. But the bad thing about chocolates (yes, there is a downside) is that once eaten, they are gone forever!

Sooo...how about...a BOOK! That's right, books can make magnificent gifts! Whether they're mine or another author's books, it doesn't matter. Just pick a good story, hopefully in a genre your loved one will enjoy, and let them enjoy something which can be read again and again (unlike chocolates; I do not recomment re-eating chocolates again and again. Um, no. Nuh-uh. Books are much more reusable, trust me.)

With that in mind, the last in Ia's series, Theirs Not To Reason Why, DAMNATION, is being released November 25th in mass market paperback and ebook (my apologies to those in countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc, who have to wait another 3-6 months, sorry!), which means now is the time to get the first of the series, A SOLDIER'S DUTY, to your loved ones who will enjoy military science fiction. Or maybe they're eagerly awaiting the last in the series already, or are missing one of the other three, AN OFFICER'S DUTY, HELLFIRE, or HARDSHIP.

For those of you waiting for more fantasy romance...I'm still working on a different manuscript and haven't gotten to book 4 of the Guardians of Destiny series yet, but it is on my To Do list. Meanwhile, the first three books, THE TOWER, THE GROVE and THE GUILD are all out in trade paperback and ebook, and you can always go back to the Sons of Destiny series, and revisit them. They are, in order: THE SWORD, THE WOLF, THE MASTER, THE SONG, THE CAT, THE STORM, THE FLAME, and THE MAGE. You can also check out SHIFTING PLAINS and THE SHIFTER for two books set in the same universe, you can read the four short stories of FINDING DESTINY also found in that universe...or explore that universe, the universe of Theirs Not, and other realms as well, in the eight erotically revised fairy tales of BEDTIME STORIES.

If you're interested in high fantasy with a titch of smut, try BIRTHRIGHT, from the short story of the same name originally published in ELEMENTAL MAGIC; it is now available as a stand alone novella ebook from Ace (with its own paperback to follow, I think). In it, we will once again be returning to the land of the Flame Sea, my new series, which starts with DAWN OF THE FLAME SEA this coming mid-February in ebook format. But that's February, and the books you can get right now are going to be plenty for the holidays. (For myself, I've been enjoying romances with dragons and werecats and things of late while recovering from my latest bout with surgery. Allison James, S.E. Smith, and others, to name a few; it's been a nice break from writing military/first contact science fiction.)

Anyway, that's the state of things; it's holiday season, with food, friends, family, and fun--hopefully in equally delicious portions on your plates! Feel free to treat yourselves with my books, with others' books, with library books, and more. If it's headed toward winter in your half of the world, it's a great time for a hot cup of tea or cider or cocoa and a nice book with which to curl up. If it's aiming at summer, hey, grab a blanket, hit the lawn, and stretch out with a cool soda and an engaging story. (Don't forget the sunscreen!)


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