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Happy Summer and/or Winter!

...I could totally use a nice blustery cold wet rainy winter day Down Under right now, too. It is miserably hot in the Seattle area, an area not known for air conditioning units in houses. But hey, lounging on the porch in the shade while a breeze goes by, icecubes clinking as they melt in a glass of water, a really good book in hand... Summer still has its upsides!

The next book coming out this July 28th, THE TERRANS, is the first in my First Salik War series, a three-part story of First Contact and all the troubles and trials involved. It is set about 200 years before the events in Theirs Not to Reason Why, and features Jacaranda MacKenzie, half Hawai'ian, part Scots, part French polyglot telepath, among other things. Her whole life has revolved around serving others: in the military, as a translator, and as a representative on the highest Council of the United Planets. But now, the precogs are having disturbing, nebulous dreams of multiple alien races, many friendly, some not...and Jackie's face has appeared prominently in most of these visions and dreams.

When she does get into outer space, traveling via hyperspace in the ships which Earth has recently developed, she encounters a rapacious, sadistic race bent on galactic conquest and lunch...and a startlingly familiar race bent on escaping their dinner plates. Yes, we know what the known galaxy will look like two hundred years from now, but this is the story of how it all got started! Look for it online and in bookstores at the end of July in mass market paperbacks and ebook formats from Ace Books.

On the other fronts, I'm still working on the Flame Sea series, which will be ebooks from Intermix...and yes, I know a lot of you have been asking about "When is the next Guardians book coming out?" It's on the list of things to write, I promise. I've been having ongoing health problems making it difficult to spend large blocks of time at my computer, so work is going slower than I'd like. But I am going to get to it, and then I can finally get more contracts and get the other four books nailed down, plus whatever else Ace and Intermix and Berkley would like.

Wherever you are in the world, may you always have the perfect weather for snuggling up with a hot cup and a great book, or sprawling out with an iced drink and, you guessed it, a great book! Hopefully some of them might even be mine.


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