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Yep, I've been slacking. I apologize. I'm still dealing with health issues.

A lot of it is personal, and a lot of it is tied into the current political situation here in America, including the huge issues and troubles surrounding the funding of healthcare and ensuring the ongoing rights of women's health issues versus those fundamental needs and rights being attacked. I urge everyone in the U.S. to vote by thinking carefully of what other people are suffering, not just what you are suffering--and not just the people who believe exactly what you do, but all Americans--and try to make the world a better place. For those of you outside America...I am so very, very sorry. We're trying to fix things. We are. It's just that evil is very, very noisy, it grabs up all the sound bites, so it looks like we don't care. Evil is also very powerful in terms of financial and political clout, and too many of my fellow citizens grew complacent and stopped being vigilant against such things in their earlier, smaller, more easily thwarted stages. Most of us are trying to fix it, I promise.

With that stated and set aside, I do have new books coming out! For ebook lovers, DEMONS OF THE FLAME SEA will be released from Intermix on November 15th, and my editor loved it; she's looking forward to seeing how Ban's story unfolds and plays out. I'm rather pleased with it myself, because it had very few editing needs, so despite all my health issues, I managed to write a pretty good story, yay me! ...Also, the Secret Cabal of Copy-Editors had a twist on "Your Assigned Quirk To Torment Your Author"...which this time around wasn't an editing foible, but a formatting one; on the copy-edited manuscript, they managed to much up the formatting so that pretty much every space after a period vanished, and sometimes the spaces between words. I did my best to catch each and everyone, but if you find one, my apologies, it craftily slipped through the editing net.

After that, the third and final book in the First Salik War trilogy, THE BLOCKADE, will be released November 29th. This political / first contact science fiction series will have some actual combat in it, woo! There is a scene that matches the fantastic cover art--and I actually reworked the story in a better way to ensure it matched the cover art--which once again features the work of the fabulous Gene Mollica. I love his cover art, and I'm hoping Ace continues to hire him for all the covers in the Ia-verse. A good cover helps sell the book, but a great cover captures the feel of the story, and his art is truly great, in my opinion.

A lot of you have been asking "When is the next Guardians story coming out??" ...and to be honest, I've been asking myself that, too. Well, it is coming!

THE TEMPLE, book 4 in the Guardians of Destiny fantasy romance series, will be released in roughly just over a year...because I have to finish writing it by the end of this coming January, and Berkley Sensations takes about a year from the point when I hand in the manuscript to the point where the books hit the bookstore shelves. This will be a smutty romance, and a kinky romance, and it will be vetted by actual members of the BDSM community both locally and online, because it involves what we like to call "sensation play"...aka doing things to people to make them feel good by using unusual methods and techniqes not normally associated with pleasure.

I will also have a short story coming out that is set in the Ia-verse--Theirs Not To Reason Why era, during the DAMNATION timeline, to be exact--in the anthology INFINITE STARS, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, which will contain science fiction from several famous and popular, high-quality scifi authors. It's very nice to be included in such a select group, and I'm hoping that my somewhat comedic milSF short story "How To Be A Barbarian in the Late 25th Century" will be enjoyed by many. It's a story told in 3 layers (yeesh, I rarely do anything simple!) and it involves PFC Mitch "the Turk" Turman, 2nd Platoon E Squad Beta being...well, himself. I don't have a release date for it just yet, other than sometime next year at the earliest, but I will happily let everyone know the moment I do.

Take care, enjoy the coming holidays, and I will get back to work now so that you can have more things to read,

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