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While Jean is busy writing her heart out I thought I'd let everyone know her new book, "The Temple," part of the Guardians of Destiny will be released on February, 20, 1018.

If you haven't started this great series, now is the time.
Book 1 - "The Tower"
Book 2 - "The Grove"
Book 3 - "The Guild"

There is also the Flame Sea series.
Book 1 - "Dawn of the Flame Sea"
Book 2 - "Demons of the Flame Sea"
Book 3 - "Gods of the Flame Sea"


Jean here; my thanks to Stormi up there for posting that. Due to having to deal with what are now several chronic illnesses stealing spoons from my life, my ability to Get Stuff Done has been slowed down...but not stopped. I am indeed still writing, and I am hoping you will all enjoy the books up above, and tell lots and lots of people many times to go buy and read them.

A consensus from my readers has decided that the scifi stuff is now going to be called the Ia 'Verse (with a backwards-facing ', like the kind found between the lettering in a word like it's, or at the back of single quote marks, and not the kind found at the front of single quote marks such as 'they'. If there are any instances of Ia-verse on the website, it should probably be changed to Ia 'Verse to match. I couldn't find any, but the copy editor working on THE TEMPLE says there is at least one, so... *shrug*

I will be working on book 5 in the Guardians of Destiny series soon (aka The Dragon, The Host, The Harper, The Masque), for the moment I am exorcising real-life demons by writing #Mabel, a political fantasy.

#Mabel is officially a part of the Ia 'Verse. Yes, I know, the title says "...a political fantasy" but it is science fiction in that it is set in the 'Verse timeline, and it is very much speculative / alternate reality science fiction. The "fantasy" part comes simply because it is a fantasy; it is not reality. Technically I am writing this on speculation, as it is not under contract yet...but I am hoping my publisher will like it so much that I'll be offered a contract.

Here's the basic premise: Everyone knows what a Mabel is, even if you don't yet know who Mabel is. A Mabel is that woman in an office or a company who actually runs the company. She's the one who knows how to fill out all the forms, where everything is filed, has everyone's contact information, is close friends with the staff of all major suppliers and/or clients--who knows and works well with all the other Mabels just like her in her given field--and when she retires, it takes 3-5 people to do everything in the office that she did, she is just that good at her job.

Now, imagine a Mabel who is in charge of running a Representative's office...and when her boss dies, she gets appointed to be the interim Representative for her District...only then something very very bad happens to the Acting President, Vice President, and almost all of Congress. Imagine this Mabel finding herself the sole surviving member of the House of Representatives, making her the de facto Speaker of the House...and thus the de facto President of the United States. Imagine that she now has to rebuild the federal government, appointing new Senators and Representatives, etc, etc...and she has to do this in a hurry, because if she doesn't, the bad guys win. But don't worry. This Mabel isn't afraid of rolling up her sleeves so she can clean up the huge mess America is in.

And for the other plot twist? Imagine that she finds out she is the next Acting President while at a medieval re-enactment event. One filled with tens of thousands of fellow history nuts, hundred to thousands of U.S. Citizens who come from every single one of the 50 States right there on hand. People who believe in honesty, integrity, honor, compassion, volunteerism, and the vast majority come from average lifestyles, backgrounds, and income ranges. People not beholden to corporate lobbyists or oligarchic fundraisers. Gee, I wonder where she's going to find a bunch of new members of Congress in a really big hurry...

In short: Imagine what she and her fellow Mabels could do under these circumstances to clean up & fix the United States.

...If you like any of that, please spread the word about #Mabel, a political fantasy. ([Hashtag] Mabel, a political fantasy) The more my publisher hears about enthusiasm from all of you, the more likely they are to give me a contract for it, turning it from words in a mere .doc file into a glorious story printed tangibly on the page.


(P.S. There may or may not be a sequel to this, named CTRL+ALT+► [Control Alt Right] If there is, it's still in the planning stages.)

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