Greetings, everyone!

My life has gotten a bit complicated, as I’m packing up my house in preparation for selling it, so I’ve been busy sweating over boxes instead of over plots.  I’ll be back with more stories once the tornado finishes carrying me off and away.  (Probably won’t land in Oz, though, as that’s a copyrighted zone.)

Until then, thank you for your patience...and enjoy this super old piece of poetry I wrote a long while, when I was a kid. (Amazing what you can find when cleaning house!)

"I have a lumpy, grumpy car
That gets mad at me if I drive too far.
One day I drove it into a tree,
And now they both are mad at me!"

Stay safe, wear seat belts whenever possible, and have fun, everyone!


Photo courtesy of Chata Rebeles ©2019 Used with permission

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