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If I've ever given you giggles, guffaws, tears, growls, or happy sighs over happy endings, if I have ever moved you in any way to want to do something more than just say "Thank you!" ...well, now you can! I have a Ko-Fi button over at www.ko-fi.com/JeanJAuthor where you can tip one of your favorite authors (at least, if you think I'm one of them) in a wonderfully tangible, spontaneous way to say thanks! In turn, I promise you I will be deeply grateful.

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My newest release, The Temple, comes out in an ebook only format on February 20th. It's Guardians of Destiny Book 4, and this is the one that has been thoroughly Kink Community Vetted & Approved... and yes, I will toss it into any arena versus 50 Shades, because I know The Tower is the better book when it comes to genuine BDSM, healthy kink, and especially a healthy depiction of a consenting romance with plenty of smutty bits to enjoy.

In my view, 50 Shades shows far too many signs of an increasingly abusive relationship, and that is neither romantic nor sexy. (In fact, it's kinda terrifying to be subjected to that kind of obsessive, controlling, punitive-minded stalking.) So I am offering The Temple as an example of good BDSM kink. So! If you want to enjoy genuine kink in your romances (it's okay if you don't, but it's also okay if you do!) then this is the book for you!

For all other books, I still have some paperbacks in back stock, and plenty of ebooks.

On to the subject of ebooks. Berkley, as a part of Penguin Random House, has chosen to reduce its print runs from 900 paper books a year to just 300...which means Ace is doing the same thing, too. And that means if I am not a big name bestseller with a million dollar contract in the works, I'm not going to get my books in print. This is completely beyond my control.

Literally, I can only do so much to get there. I can write fantastic stories that I know you love...and I can tell people over and over...but while my books are great, I'm still virtually unknown. I can only reach so many people. You, however, can reach a lot more than I can. So. Figure out how to spread the word, advertise how much you like my writing, link everyone to where they can find my books (I encourage the use of Barnes & Noble over Amazon for various reasons)...and maybe my sales will take off enough that I can get my books in print once more.

Until then, well, I'll keep writing.

Lastly, I will be opening commissions for editing very soon. If you have a manuscript, term paper, report or whatever that you'd like to see edited for content & clarity, spellchecking, continuity, so on and so forth, use the Contact Me form to discuss rates per word or per page. Details will be coming soon!


P.S. I am attempting to come up with the rules for the Guanjiball game mentioned in the First Salik War series. Anyone with experience in managing the rules for team sports in the lines of soccer/football, American football, rugby, field hockey and the like, feel free to get in touch with me. The first version of the rules will be going up over at my Patreon, www.patreon.com/JeanJAuthor, where my patrons will otherwise have first dibs on weighing in on what the rules should be and the play should be like.

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