Yeah, yeah, I know, things fell behind and I haven't updated this page in a while...but not only is it being updated, the whole site is being updated!  We'll be moving the underlying structure from hand-coded html to using WordPress.  This will allow myself, my Web Manager Stormi, and my SMM&S (Social Media Minion & Sister) Amy to link blog posts and more.  Hopefully you won't notice a thing, but if things go wonky, we are puttering around behind the scenes.

If you see anything broken, or want to see something in particular, and find that the contact form on this site isn't working, you can also contact me via twitter, @JeanJAuthor, and viaTumblr at

Meanwhile, I'm busy trying to figure out how to turn short stories with publication rights that have returned to me into epub formats, which I will be posting online "soon"...and once I get that down, I am going to launch some exclusive ebook stuff as well.  They'll be done through Smashwords, which interacts with Nook, Kobo, etc, Kindle over at Amazon (not Kindle Unlimited, as they demand exclusivity for that), and more, including library ebook loan systems.

So, I AM working, I promise!

Also, San Jose Worldcon 76 was fun!


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